With Earth Day right around the corner (tomorrow) I was happy this morning to read that Dreamhost, the company that I use to host this site, along with thinkerlabs and un’ed.i.ted spirituality has gone green. That’s right they are carbon-neutral… sort of. They are buying carbon credits to offset the carbon their business produces. Still, way to go Dreamhost.

FTR, yes I will be carpooling this weekend.

Also ubuntu‘s newest release was thrust upon the public yesterday. I have always wanted to play with linux (it was a significant part of the inspiration for thinkerlabs) but never have. With ubuntu, I just might give it a try. Rachel and I have a desktop that gets turned on once a while (mainly a back up for both of our laptops) but maybe a heaping helping of linux, ubuntu flavor could spruce things up.

As well the newest thinkerlabs podcast is up. Episode 012. I don’t remember what it is about though…